Showed the Jag to a kid on Saturday evening. He was super excited after I texted him and drove an hour to come see it immediately. We poked around a bit and he liked how it sounded and looked. Went to drive it around and... the trans wouldn’t pull the car. After a few seconds we set off with the trans slipping REALLY bad. Re-parked the car and he seemed undeterred and we set up plans for me to come look at his Yamaha XS1100 to trade for it, which I was super excited about, especially since the Miata is starting to smoke out the tailpipe and is using a worrying amount of oil. No knocking yet but the valve stem seals at the very least are completely munched. I’m also moving in two weeks so the Jag has to be gone by then even if I have to scrap it for $200. Fuck.

Pic of XS110. Such a good looking bike.

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