Natural Habitat

It’s been some time since I came here with a JP Jeep update! Seems everytime i came here to pot an update it was that something had gone wrong. But it is a Jeep, so isn’t that normal? Anyways after months and months of trying to figure out why it ran like crap, it finally came down to the computer being fried. after getting that repaired, she’s been running like a champ, putting smiles on peoples faces wherever she goes.

Do not touch

Two months ago the Jeep was showcased outside the Meyerson Center for the Dallas Symphony’s “Best of John Williams” Concert.

If you turn the back seat around, the Jeep makes a pretty good Drive-In movie vehicle.

Last month we put her to the test of driving nearly 2 hours straight to Glenn Rose, The “Dinosaur Capitol of Texas”

They Do Move in Herds
“do not step outside vehicle while in the wildlife preserve”

And she did amazing. No problems whatsoever. Even tackled some super steep inclines to get to the top of the area that overlooks the wildlife preserve.


Giraffic Park

on the way back we found this... place.

Welcome to... Off Brand Jurassic Park

Super happy with the progress and that I can actually drive places in it now.

Bonus Doggo pic:

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