It's been a while

I went HAM on the Miata. Driving 9/10ths, tires squealing around every turn, suspension bottoming out in places, bouncing against the fuel cutoff... It may sound like shit after getting used to the Volvos, but the driving dynamics can’t be beat.

And this was on two year old winter tires, no alignment, and very much not dialed in suspension.


Thank you Eric for showing me some of the best twisty roads around. I ran into a small group at a traffic light and ended up joining them for a few passes up and down the 10 mile windy section. 2 bikes, S2000, E46 M3 and a BRZ.

After the first run it was myself and the two bikes in one group, the rest of the cars in another. I felt pretty good about that... Most of the road we were on had suggested speeds of 10-20mph. I’m unsure of the actual speed limit as my eyes were glued to the road, scanning ahead for bumps, potholes, downed bikes, elevation changes, etc. 

Doesn’t look like much, but the roads are super twisty, with tons of interesting and/or sketchy elevation changes.

Suspension tuning is abysmal right now, with a very uncontrolled feeling at the limits of grip. I was purposely kicking the back end out around every corner ever so slightly just so I could control the timing, and not be surprised when it happened on it’s own.


With the old winter tires, just a bit of trail braking and some steering input would also kick the back wheels loose, which was a bit dicey until I started to get used to the feeling again. Luckily while the breakaway point of these tires was pretty ill-defined, grip would come back and catch in a smooth manor.

All in all... I ended up beating my old speeds around every single corner. And those records were set with brand new 200tw summer tires.


So I need to get summer tires back on. Either stick with dunlop and go ZIII’s or go back to re71r’s. Probably going to make my decision based solely off cost.

I also need to lower the car a bit. I don’t think my coilovers are really meant to be driven this hard at the absolute highest possible setting like I’ve been doing.


I never properly adjusted my sway bars when I installed them and the adjustable endlinks, so that’s on the list. And as embarrassing as it is to admit this, I’m 90% sure I installed the rear sway bar upside down....

I also desperately need an alignment. I’ve had the car for 5 years now (!!!) and it’s never been aligned.


With the above done it should be absolute corner-carving weapon. Probably past my skill level if I’m being honest, and that’s with the stock 130ish hp...

But good god does the 4 cylinder sound shite after being exposed to turbo Volvos for so long :(

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