I’ve been working on the autocross boostang.

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So I picked up new autocross rubber (Bridgestone RE71r) and camber plates in an attempt to aid in my getting faster on course this year. The added camber up front does help a lot. So far this year I’ve been out three times.

There was a little club controversy around that 3rd video, resulting in some actual process changes for future events. I was called for a DNF (Did Not Finish) in error during what felt like a fast run. Due to issues with the timing, the cars in front of me and behind me got re-runs, but because of the called DNF they didn’t grant me one. I’ve been admonished that I should have taken one anyway, especially as the video proves my case, there’s no DNF.


My next event will be a track night up at Motorsport Ranch Cresson this coming Tuesday.

Then, because I can’t leave well enough alone, I had my interior re-done, and I’m inordinately proud of it...

Illustration for article titled Its been a while.

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