Greetings oppo! Though I read oppo pretty much daily, I realized I haven’t posted in over a year. I figure it’s a good time to reintroduce the fleet.

The Daily - 2005 Saturn Ion


My daily is a slightly beat example of the poster child of the GM bankruptcy era. I’ve put just over 70,000 miles on her, many of which were delivery driving. The miles have been fairly reliable, save for the slipped timing chain last summer. At this point it’s paid off and I plan to drive it til it’s dead.

Bonus shot showing the body mod courtesy of whoever was nice enough to hit her while I was shopping one night.

The Truck - 1988 GMC C1500


Purchased by filtering the local online ad site to “under 500”, this is a former fleet truck with many mismatched replaced bits to prove it. Most glaring is the Chevy front end, then the red bench seat clashing with the blue dash. It’s a manual as well, a 3 speed unit with an ultra low “L” below that. With the odometer stopped somewhere just shy of 300k miles it now lives at my folk’s place mainly doing grass clipping and branch runs - still doing work.

The Honda - 1996 Honda Accord


Shortly after it became apparent that the Ion would be in the shop quite some time with its timing chain debacle, I became more than a little tired of the utilitarian ways of the GMC. Enter the Honda Accord, it runs and drives and only has a quarter million miles on it. Despite the miles and wear the single cam engine and trademark Honda manual make for a pretty lively drive. It currently awaits awakening from its winter snooze. Part of me wants to make this one a bit of a project, I haven’t quite decided yet...

The Possible Project - 1982? Chevy Citation X11


First spied in the back of my girlfriend’s parent’s property and belonging to her grandfather, is a real deal X11. Surprisingly solid on the underside and bearing 05 registration tags, and of course - ran when parked. As a fan of 80’s American hot hatches I really want to save it. It would probably mean selling the Honda but it’s a car I never thought I’d ever get the chance at. There’s a plan in my head and it involves a 3800... Stay tuned for a post just about that.

In conclusion, hello oppo people! It’s good to be back.