The police want me to come to the station to “pick up paperwork” and I have no idea why.

If I do not post later tonight or tomorrow, assume the worst.

Edit: They’re coming to my house now to ‘deliver the paperwork’ I have to be present for to sign(?).

Edit: Edit: I have to appear in court as a witness to this bullshit that happened, apparently he’s fighting the disorderly conduct ticket he got. Fun stuff. Now I gotta take off work >:(

POST COURT EDIT: I just got home from court. Short story long my neighbor says its MY fault for getting out of my car to confront him (saying my fists were closed, video evidence is inconclusive), said he never exited (lies, he JUMPED out) his truck, claimed I was appearing to come to fight him which is why he got out and started yelling, and also blames the school principal for “singling him out” as the only one parking/driving like an asshat in the school parking lot. I mean, he’s KINDA got a point there. But also, learn your lesson. Stop fighting the norm and just follow the rules and be like everyone else and everything will be FINE.

So I get called as first witness, the principal second, the citing officer third.


I tell them my story, never mentioned having it on video (didn’t seem needed at the time, as the police had a copy), and get questioned by the accused.

He wants to know why I got out to “calm him down” and “explain the situation” (my words), asking what I did for a job, was I a priest, officer, etc. Facing the Disorderly Conduct fine he was facing ($500, right before Christmas!) I don’t know why he was fighting it as much as he was, but I can see where he would think laying blame elsewhere might lessen or eliminate his fine. He asked if I had even experienced Road Rage. I answered “yes”, and before I could elaborate the first of many “Objection, irrelevant”s from the judge came out. He claimed that because I got out of MY car, HE got out of HIS. He claims he stood on the running board, but like I said, video evidence refutes that. I tried to stick to the facts that I knew from memory, and the video I should have reviewed but pretty much know front to back from when I watched it again a week or so ago. He kept coming back to the fact that I got out first, and the judge asked if that was the case, and that he was afraid I was looking for a fight, WHY DID HE GET OUT AND NOT DRIVE PAST ME TO EXIT THE PARKING LOT.

Next up was the principal. I hadn’t heard his side so I stuck around after being told I could leave if I wanted.


He stated he heard the honking of the accused backing into traffic (me and the van) after dropping off his kids in the loading dock and not at the designated drop off zone. After he heard the honking, he witnessed the accused back out at a high rate of speed, then speed down the driveway chasing my car. The latter I can plainly see on video, now that I am looking for it. The backing out fast? Not really. Principal also states he thinks he hopped a curb. Not that I saw on the video. After that he says he heard the honking, saw us standing next to our vehicles, and blocking traffic from entering. According to video, traffic was slowed, but never blocked or stopped. The whole encounter lasted MAYBE 30 seconds, and at that time traffic was driving past us as we chatted.

Anyways, when it came time for the accused to question the Principal, he went on a tirade about how many times he had been talked to about backing into parking spaces (not allowed according to signage), how the school’s rules were not state law, and how the Principal seemed to have it out for him, and how the parking lot is a mess there. It is. But if you follow the rules.... I digress. He also tried the rebuttal “the parking lot is chaos, how could I have backed out at a high rate of speed and driven down the driveway at a high rate of speed if its always full of cars, ‘bumper to bumper’ as you stated?”

More “Objection, irrelevant”s from the judge.

Finally the officer came up to bat, and stated that when serving the ticket, the accused came from the side of his house, the officer asked “were you just at school” and his answer was “Am I being detained”.


Not. Your. Typical. Upstanding. Citizen. Response.

He has a history. Wisconsin Court Access’s website has lots of juicy info on him.


He questioned the officer in court about being told one thing (he can be ticketed for traffic infractions at the school) versus what the principal said (parking lot rules are not enforceable laws) but had very little else to go on about.


The prosecutor then was asked if he would lessen the charges, but due to it happening at a school, refused. The judge, however, noting that the accused had said that “maybe I shouldn’t have honked so much/gotten out of my truck” and the fact that he stopped using the school driveway/parking lot in the manner that he had been, lessened the fine to $187. Still “too much, right before Christmas”, according to the now guilty party. He asked for a payment plan, the judge agreed to take $50 payments starting Jan 25th. Too much info? Maybe. But...

Is he mad? Mad at me? Mad the Principal? Mad at the world? I dunno. Do I feel safe, knowing that he lives just a few houses down from me?

Well, the officer-witness asked me on my way out if I “felt safe” and while I wanted to tell him “I got my 9 in my truck, case he wanna start some SHIEEET BOIIII”, to tell you the truth I think I’ll be fine.


I feel bad for the guy. I do. My intent was to calm him down and explain what he was doing wrong and why it was wrong and MAYBE help him to realize the err of his ways and maybe make the school drop off/pick up situation a bit easier on everyone.

I guess it backfired a bit... or worked a BIT TOO WELL.

Maybe he’ll pay his fine, be a better person, and move on.

But I kind of sort of want to talk to him now that it’s over (after thinking SINCE MARCH that it was) and just let him know my heart was in the right place, and that I didn’t mean for him to go through all this. A slap on the wrist and a change of his attitude should have been enough.


Maybe I’ll see him outside of school. Maybe we can both sit down with the Principal.

I don’t know.

I’ll sleep on it.

With my 9 under my pillow, case he tryna front.