And I’ve already concluded my new to me Silverado is my favorite car I’ve owned so far, bar none.

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It’s comfortable and so roomy inside, rides like a Cadillac compared to the S10, has the perfect amount of horsepower on tap, gets pretty damn good gas mileage for a V8, looks great especially thanks to the dark metallic blue paint, drives better, and I actually do the “look back as you walk away” thing which I basically never did with the S10.


I need to do my regular regemine of detailing on it and there’s some spots on the roof I need the body shop to fix the paint on, but otherwise you’d never know it had the mileage it does. Which is the total opposite of the S10 which had low miles but felt old and wore out.

Speaking of the S10, a Porter at work bought it, which means I get to see it still.

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