work was a bitch, a machine broke a belt, which was of course a metric, industrial toothed belt that you can’t buy anywhere off the shelf in this state, so I tried fixing it with two different types of stitch (did I mention we are WAY behind for xmas delivery?) repairs, one with wire, one with high-tensile thread, and tried wrapping it with fishing line embedded in contact cement to keep it from stretching... both repairs held for varying degrees of ”a few minutes”... and Did i mention that the belt is buried inside the machine and you have to 1/2 disassemble it to get there... well, any way we eventually found a micro-v of the right length at the auto parts store and made it work. that took the better part of 6 hours... left work after only 8 hours because fuckthisshit.

Its been snowing, so I decided i’d clear the driveway with the tractor, started up fine on the glow plugs, was running OK, and then about 2 minutes later, while in the middle of the road it stalls out and won’t restart.

I thought I had put enough anti-gel in the tank... I guess I didn’t because the fuel filter is packed with gelled fuel. fuck. Diesel 911 to the rescue!


Two cleaned filters, restarts, idles, stalls and filters filled with gunk later and the battery is dead. So I go out to Homeless Despot and spend $100 on extension cords, $49.95 on a battery charger (because, somehow I don’t currently already own one, when the fuck did that happen?) and $12.95 on the cheapest mini-heater they have. currently the battery is charging and the fuel system is being breathed on by warm electric heat while I have a beer.

I’ll go out and try to start it again in a few minutes.

When I’m done with my beer.

At least there’s room for cars to get around it in the road.

dyed off-road diesel makes pretty pink gel.

update: heater and battery charger did their job, but it still wasn’t starting... Oh right! mechanical injection, I probably need to bleed the pump after running it dry! *1 minute and few turns of a 10mm wrench later* aaaaand the tractor is off the road.

Next beer please!

well, that’d be your problem right there.
double ew.

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