It's been quite a weekend.

Wow. Saturday was the Miramar Air Show, which is one of the best... in the world. We had “backstage” access with Team Oracle and Sean D. Tucker, who can make an airplane do some interesting things.


Got to see an F-35 “relatively” close as they taxied it out.

Got deafened by a Harrier hanging out about 500ft away. And watched the Blue Angels doing their thing. Overall, a damn fine way to spend a Saturday with the kids.

Sunday my wife and I ditched the kids and went to The Grand Tour taping out in scenic Apple Valley, CA.


That’s us right behind the TV screen. Great spot to see the chairs that they would be sitting in, but nothing when they were standing up. Luckily they only needed the screen there for the opening shot and we were able to see much better. Watch for a gal with a purple mohawk in the background of the Jeremy shots and I’ll be right next to her (my wife).


No spoilers, but the new show will not leave you wishing for the old one. They’re still funny as hell and the films are on-par with what they did on TG. I’ll answer some questions about being there, but I don’t want to ruin the show for anybody.

Also, Hammond is shorter in person. I thought he’d be my height, but I had at least an inch or two on him.


Overall, it was really surreal being a few feet from the guys. Made the six hours of standing around worthwhile.


Then this morning the plane fun picked back up when Team Oracle took me for a flight. Lots of loops and inversions and barrel rolls. It was really awesome and I managed not to throw up in the plane.

Now I’m back to real life... not sure what to do until next weekend (LeMons at Buttonwillow).

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