Illustration for article titled Its begun. Local Ford dealer has $96k markup on a GT500

Yes you read that right. Checking to see if any dealers had any in stock yet, I found a local Ford dealer here in SoCal, DCH Ford of Thousand Oaks, that has a GT500 they just got in listed for $169k. Its the one of 2 GT500's within 500 miles (the other is in Vegas with a sticker of just over $93k. You can essentially buy the Vegas GT500 for the price of the markup on this GT500. Sick.).And with no link to the window sticker so buyers can see the original MSRP, they’re trying to be slick. This is only going to get worse and either drive buyers to buy actual super cars, or people might go and pick up the cheaper GT350, who’s prices have seemed to level off.


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