Im pretty upset with Mercedes and BMW right now. They have been oversaturating the market from bottom to top and warping performance, prestige, and premium perspectives. I’ve been watching them be absolutely vicious in the market with their product releases and branding. The branding is what’s causing the massacre of their peers in particular.

Starting next year, I propose that Mercedes and BMW are officially moved into their own tier. I seriously believe that in two more years holding Cadillac or Lexus (maybe Audi as well honestly) to the same benchmarks as BMW and Mercedes is going to be like comparing Nissan to Porsche in terms of brand tiering. I just don’t know how Mercedes and BMW are going to create the spin offs needed and I’m sure thats where all their struggles have stemmed from.


I’m working on explaining this so give me some time to work out the posts. There are a lot of components I need to talk about, number one being the fact that every automaker is lying about what cars their products are to be compared with. Sorry for the quasi-hot takes out of nowhere, I need to gather my thoughts and organize all this information.

Those of you in branding probably know exactly what I’m talking about and are seeing the final goal too. I’ll be back!

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