And tragedy.

I just discovered Saint Jimmy has an alarm. I discovered this by setting it off while opening the driver’s door while it was locked. Without the keys in my pocket. I took off running to get them of course, not occurring to me at the time what it would look like.

The reason for this particular comedy, trying to open the door while it was locked because of this tragedy:


The hinge pins are badly worn, to the point the door is sagged so commedically low that the door was slammed until the striker broke off. Looks like a repair was attempted once, badly. So that’s a priority. I’ve already picked up new pins, still figuring out what I’ll do about the striker. The previous owners were using bungy cords to hold the door closed, one to the centre console and the and the other to a rear seat bracket. Just the lap belt to the centre console alone isn’t enough to keep it closed around right-handers, not the way I drive at least.

Comically sagged door is saggy.


Other than that and some stains/hair on the upholstery, it’s pretty good for $250. Oh, the brakes could be much better but no other issues so far. Can’t complain either about 256,000km, 159,000 miles on the clock.

It plays cd’s. The 4x4 seems to work.


I didn’t know they did this. That’s cool.

The other tragedy to this comedy is that my legal minimum insurance in Alberta cost more than full coverage on both the Niva and MJ in Manitoba. COMBINED. That’s capitalism and the free market at work for you guys.


But hey, it’s Saint Jimmy, and that’s it’s name.

So don’t wear it out.