It's Crunch Time, Do Opponauts want a Band to beat a Car Guy?

/Drive's and AMMO NYC Founder Larry Kosilla got into a contest of sorts over at Fast Company Magazine called "Drive Your Business Forward." According to Fast Company "Mercedes-Benz and Fast Company invited business owners to submit a 90-second video for the chance to win a new Sprinter and $10,000 toward vehicle customization." Larry submitted an awesome video, let's face it, he has some friends who are probably as good as you get at conceiving, laying out, shooting and producing videos. The video is creative, funny, yet gets across his point of why he needs a Mercedes Benz Sprinter and what he would do it with it to extend his brand.


How can you help? Simple, vote for a fellow car guy. What will happen if you don't act now? He could lose to a Soul Pop Band. Now if it was just Soul music, well then he'd have reason to worry, but you throw in the word "Pop" and that is reason enough for all of us to march over to Fast Company and vote, share this on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, via smoke signals, whatever. Voting ends TODAY! You've got to act now. What else could happen if you don't vote?

I didn't want it to go this way, but my first post was read by a paltry 180 or so of us and didn't even make the Front Page. So, if not doing it for a car guy, do it for the kitten.

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