Pulled away from a light on the commute home, made it up to 30 mph, and then everything when wrong. Engine cut out, PS went with, a pale blue smoke seeped into the cabin.

I was able to get to the median, not the most desirable place, but there was no way to cross the right lane and into a parking lot. I tried in vain to start the car, it would turn over and immediately die. I sat there for 5 minutes, hazard lights blinking, one woman in an oncoming cobalt stopped and gestured for me to cross in front of her, I signaled that the car had died by pointing at the car and drawing a line across my throat, she waved and went on her way.

Finally the oncoming lanes both cleared, I held the gas and the break, started the car, it ran long enough to kick the car into drive and propel it forward 20 yards and across the lanes into a bank parking lot.

I thought it may have overheated or some such, but after a couple hours it still isn’t running. I tried an ODB2 reader, but that requires the engine to actually stay running for it to pull the codes, seems a AAA call is on tap for tomorrow.