It's definitely totaled.

I’m not surprised, really. But it was a tough bugger. After the impact it ran and drove like nothing happened.

In happier times

I feel bad that I didn’t like it more. It did everything I needed it to do. It drove well in the snow, it never broke down, and at the end it kept me alive after a violent impact.


My plan is to not get another car for as long as I can. If I stick to it, I can use the money I was spending on the payment to start paying off my credit card debt. I really want us to be able to afford a decent vacation next year without resorting to credit cards.

But... I can already see where the plan of me using my partner’s car on weekends may cause us some headaches. So I’m going to do my best to quickly pay off what’s left of a personal loan so that I can have even more money available. If I can do that in the next few months, I could afford to get something to putter around in. I’ve also been able to get some unexpected overtime lately, so who knows?

Goodbye, Korean Camry.  You may not have been exciting, but at least you were pretty.

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