A week and a half of blood sweat and tears and the old girl is back on the road. I’ll make a write up of the whole ordeal later, but I need to rest now.

Suffice it to say, the Y-pipe between my intercoolers is held together on the end that goes to the throttle body with fiberglass mat and epoxy, the vacuum lines are spliced back together with rubber hose about every six inches, the rear most coil pack bolt on the passenger side is stripped, and there are three new zip ties under the hood, including one on the coil pack connector on the passenger side that froze open.

But she’s running and the only codes are for some emission control and the secondary air pump.

I’ve always said there is no shame in having a mechanic and not doing your own work on your car. Well, today I reiterate that point and say I will never open that hood and take off any more than the oil filter cover EVER AGAIN!