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It's done!

After KingTChalla’s post earlier today, I decided to challenge myself.

And now I have finished:

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The play count started at 0 or 1 (I didn’t catch it), but either way, I’ve gotten in 108 listens.


~10 plays: It’s really jarring how the song fades out a bit at the end, and then you get the rather loud and forceful intro.


~20 plays: How has this been only played 20 times? It feels like it has been going on forever.

~50 plays: What? I’m not even halfway through?

~80 plays: Please shoot me.

~100 plays: He loved Big Brother

~109 plays: That wasn’t too bad...

Anyway, I think my sanity is indeed still intact, or at least as intact as it was before starting.

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