Did a 2 day autocross competition this weekend, and finished first in my class for the first time! To be frank, I also finished last, since none of the usual suspects competed against me. There are several talented drivers who compete in this class at my regional events, so I have to savor a win regardless of the circumstances.

Highly modified BMW 2002 that was fun to watch although not terribly fast

I am slowly continuing to get faster. I was pleased to get instruction from a national champion today, which I avoided previously because I felt I was still getting my basic skill set in place. The timing was great. I got within 0.6 seconds of someone who regularly is 2 seconds faster than me (he was running his car in another class for a variety of reasons I won’t get into here).


It’s tough, though, because my region attracts very very good drivers. In fact, there was a guy running as a novice who was extremely fast, and may very well come into my class and regularly beat most people around. Former motorcycle racer, apparently.

All these young folk with quick reflexes, and me just a middle-aged fellow trying to win a few to address my mid-life crisis. At least I had this weekend to work out some driving issues and take home a fancy trophy mug.