it's funny seeing people give up on the F1 season already

My thoughts so far:

Halo totally ruined the shoulder cam but I like the T-cam better anyway.

The theme song isn’t bad with the graphics - it’s still generic but the theme you hear at the beginning does stick with you. It’s only about 3 bars of melody that stand out and the rest of it sounds like it should be background music in a Marvel movie.


The graphics/text are strange and have a mix of good and bad things. Showing team logos beside driver names is probably useful for new fans, but the car numbers were illegible. I do like how when a driver moves up the qualifying table that all the drivers that have been demoted flash red - it’s instantly clear how far a driver has jumped with his qualifying time. I still wish onboards were better with throttle/brake and all that stuff.

Hamilton was ridiculously fast on his pole lap but I think the Ferrari and Red Bull cars will be quick enough to challenge them throughout the season. The Mercedes looks really stable and the cornering speeds were just incredible.

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