Also, hot. And sweaty. I can’t run the car at the moment because I am pretty sure it should be off at least to begin. I can’t put the windows down because BUGS. But I’m trying to get a VIDA setup working in my Volvo and I just have to sit in it for a while as my old laptop gets going.

I’ve downloaded a VM setup from a helpful individual on the Swedespeed forum, along with what may or may not be a working local copy of VIDA. Supposedly the easiest route was to just run a VM using a VM player ... whatever that is exactly other than a shortcut to running a virtual machine without much initial setup.

Meanwhile I have my chromebook so I can google why it’s not working, and/or read the instructions or ask questions on Swedespeed... and share my experience with Oppo of course.

Oh the best part is that my old laptop battery doesn’t work AT ALL, so I was going to have to run an extension cord to the car... but wait. I have an inverter... no. Because when I start the car it will momentarily drop power so the laptop will crash. BEHOLD: The old battery from this car will be enough to run an inverter! So it’s on the floor of the passenger’s seat and I’m being serenaded by the sounds of an old inverter fan humming away, no doubt also producing even more heat.


Also, I KNOW my car needs to be cleaned. In fact, it was worse a few weeks ago.

My first attempt at connecting the car to laptop via DiCE module failed, so I’m trying a different method. Wish me luck?


UPDATE - 10:00PM - I got it working, yay! And I did not find anything wrong with my charging system, which is partly the reason for doing this in the first place.... hmm.