I was coming back from a drive and went to the store, then I got on the highway and was approaching my exit at about 65mph, totally within reason on a CA highway and I saw a cop pull out of his hiding spot. So I have no idea if he was setting his sights on my very visible car or just going to get some doughnuts, but I get off the highway and turn into a neighborhood with small one way roads that go up and all over a hill. So at this point I feel like I just robbed a bank, I just keep going, it was actually pleasant winding around up there. Never saw that road before, wasted some time and then went back down and on my way. I have a parking spot at a storage place for it so I returned it to it’s spot and got back in the 300D. Very different car, now I am safe in my disguise as an 80 year old man with a cushy ride and slow throttle response. I have to admit the Merc is a lot less stressful! I did see a crap load of cars, can’t take pics when driving the Z though. I saw a very polished black Jaaaaaaag XJ120 hard top, new SLS with no plates, a few 80's Porsches who made eye contact with me. I couldn’t go to cars and coffee today, I had to take my wife to work and then take the dog out, by the time I went to get the Z (it’s not at home) people would be leaving around 10am.