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It's Good To Have Friends... With Welders

I asked a friend to borrow his truck to launch my boat the other day, and he replied, “Sure, but leave YOUR truck with me so I can weld a receiver onto it.”

And here you have it:


I haven’t actually gotten back to his house to retrieve it yet, but this is a nice addition. I’m not saying I’m towing my boat very far with this setup (it’s a bit heavy), but I can at least move the trailer around. That, and other things like my wood splitter, etc. - the bumper itself is too high to just bolt on a ball. Now I just need a drop hitch of the right height and I’m good!

Side note: he doesn’t use social media at all (I don’t think he even has a cell phone) it’s his girlfriend who does all the posting, but he seems cool with that so whatever. He’s always working on cool stuff, and just built a bigger shop a couple years back. And yet, this isn’t even his day job.

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