It's "handset" upgrade time! Requesting input from unlocked "handset" users.

I’m thoroughly convinced my ‘service provider’ leases phones so they can push unwanted/unwarranted adverts and notifications and app installations upon us
 we aren’t aware of. I’m thinking If I bought the thing, I wouldn’t have that problem. I’m wanting to know about your decision to go unlocked and what phone you would pick differently if you made the decision all over again.


My carrier will let me bring my own phone and I intend to explore this option. Their offerings are only the best and newest and of course don’t all have the replaceable battery option, or screens that aren’t a billion space credits to replace. Were you alarmed at such a bad decision? Was it the best decision of your life? What did you miss most over your previous carrier-tied phone? How much did it cost to repair that screen all on your own?

Did you feel in any way you were missing out on a better phone through deals your carrier offered? That perhaps you were...using a dated device?

Gimme the dirt!

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