We seem to be having poor luck with cars lately. The Explorer was whacked on Friday. The good news is that my wife and daughter are fine. The other good news is there’s now even more incentive for the Ford body shop to repaint that off-color panel. The bad news is that we now have two wrecked vehicles, one in repair, the other needing repair.

It was a typical rush-hour incident. One bonehead cuts off another bonehead who unnecessarily slams on the brakes causing my wife to slam on the brakes causing the knucklehead in the back to rear-end my wife. The only injuries were bruises from the airbag going off in the last car.

From the back it looks like it will need a new hatch, new bumper and cover, and new muffler.

From the side, it looks like new paint on a portion of the quarter panel and a new tail light. The pic is too low to show the big paint chip and small crack in the light housing.


From underneath, it looks like the rear well will need to be cut out and replaced. This is where the spare tire is hiding.


The Hyundai didn’t fare as well. The damage extends to the driver’s door.

The first hour waiting for the police was rather uneventful. Traffic was still heavy, so even though we had a lot of rubbernecking going on, it really didn’t slow down the traffic much.

Once traffic started picking up, things started to get sketchy. There were several near-misses as the rubberneckers snapped to attention and had to slam on the brakes to avoid rear-ending slower traffic. We thought things would get better once the officer arrived. We were wrong. We were halfway through the paperwork when we heard the screech of tires and cars slamming into each other.


The officer didn’t even flinch. He was finally prompted into motion when he realized that the people weren’t moving their cars out of traffic. That’s when he walked over and started yelling at them to get their cars off the road.

The Galant took the worst of it - damaged on both ends. The car in the front was a red Challenger. The officer called for another unit to deal with that wreck while he finished working on my wife’s. He did say he felt sorry for the guy with the Galant. The SUV driver probably didn’t have insurance. Her rear bumper cover was held on with duct tape.


And so, we get to start the week with another visit by our insurance adjuster. The only upside is that neither of our wrecks were our fault. No rate increases for us!