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It's Happening Again

This is a self-serving post, but aren’t all blog posts somewhat self-serving by definition? Doesn’t the author get some satisfaction out of other people reading and responding to his or her thoughts? Is there a such thing as true selfless philanthropy? How big is the universe, even? Why are we here?

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Okay sorry I got off topic FAST there. That’s what I get for my minor in philosophy.

I’m leaving my job today, as I’ve mentioned here recently. I’m excited for my new job, for sure. But at the same time, I’m disappointed. I was in my previous job for 8 years and it was a hugely formative time for me. I went from just-out-of-college-naive to being married with one kiddo and 8 years of managing a small business under my belt. Ok, maybe 3 years of doing it well.


And on my last day, I walked out the door to zero fanfare. No send-off. No big meeting or even lunch out with everyone. I could have prompted that I guess, but I felt like it wasn’t MY place to do that for myself. I literally cried in my car after I left. I was also father to a 1-year-old so there were a lot of, uhh, emotions running around at that time.

So here we are, it’s 2:00 on a Friday on my last day at the job I’ve had since then - six and a half years - I’m planning to leave soon, and I expect nothing more than a “bye” from the admin answering the phones. I mean, this time there’s a goddamn pandemic and I don’t expect anything from anyone, but still. This kind of sucks. I’m writing personal emails to a few colleagues I haven’t seen in months, to say “bye here’s my cell and personal email, keep in touch” and it’s not easy.


At least I get to go home to my wife and kids, then get take-out to eat dinner in the boat. I might even indulge in an adult beverage or two.

Here’s to new adventures, Oppo.

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