So Saturday was a very nice day. I fixed the brake carrier to spindle mount bolts on my Z4 (because why bother with Loctite 242?) because one was stretched. Then we turned our attention to the Audi.

The Audi, as you may be aware, had a very minor case of serious water leakage. We did find the ingress point, thanks to looking up under the dash at plastic parts covered in white powder.

The heater core.

Since that’s behind the dash, I’m going to bypass the heater core completely with some heater hose. Then I turned my attention to the afflicted interior. After about 3 hours, we have a pile of parts to be sorted. (Don’t worry, all the bolts are together in one container, and will be sorted by type into a small tackle box)


So what’s removed?

  • Driver and front passenger power seats
  • Rear seats
  • Trunk carpeting
  • Spare tire
  • Radio head unit that works
  • 6 disc CD Changer that works (!)
  • Plastic trim from around the floor
  • Dead pedal cover
  • All the waterlogged carpet and foam
  • Oh, and the gauge cluster only works part of the time.

My basic plan is to take the seats, fabricate some metal frames with RamblinRover, find a 120VAC to 12VDC converter (because the power seat motors work just fine), and make furniture out of them!


But now due to our work, the quattro racer now looks like this inside. Track friends did come over to help with this. I made them prime rib for dinner.


(See? If you do come over to help me with car projects, I make really good food to thank you.)


So now with part of the weight reduction done, now I can start looking to get seat brackets for race seats and figure out how to start the roll bar/cage design and installation.