Once again, I come to update the progress of my 911 project with no photos. Which means one thing, my cyber is really terrible.

But that aside. The project is getting extremely close.

About 4 weeks ago my wife and daughter went out of town and I busted ass trying to make headway. I swapped the harness to my 3.2L engine, planned for how I would reroute some vacuum connectors, and how I would run the fuel lines because the fuel rails are different. I wiggled the engine onto my ATV jack and hooked up the transmission.

Then I lifted the engine into place. And lots of little things weren’t right. Essentially, the 3.2l engine uses a shorter intake manifold and the fuel rail sits lower, and this created lots of problems that weren’t apparent until it was in the car.

I sulked for a week that I got as close as I did and then discovered a bunch of issues. But eventually I pulled myself back together and I’ve been working over lunch breaks and little bits and pieces over 3 weeks.


Normal lunch break timeline

1200-1205 walk to car

1205-1210 drive home

1210-1246 work on car until I say “oh shit, I gotta clean up and eat something”

1246-1252 clean up and try to eat something

1252-1257 drive back

1257-102 walk back

And with enough of those trips and a few nights, the engine is back in the engine bay, with rerouted coolant lines in a couple of spots, and the fuel lines a little better thought out, and a home bent and shaped dipstick tube because neither the 911 or Boxster ones work.


The transmission and engine are on their mounts. Just about everything is hooked up.

When I left my garage today I realized how freaking close I am.

Although, whenever I think I’m close and then I put what’s left in a list, it freaks me out but it’s necessary. So for now, I think it boils down to:

- reattach shift cables

- attach axles

- install clutch slave cylinder

- attach all coolant lines

- finish air intake plumbing

- attach exhaust manifolds(maybe cats and everything except muffler, maybe wait to make sure it starts and runs )


- fill with oil

- fill with coolant

- fill power steering fluid

- fill gearbox fluid

- start car to see if it runs

- figure out muffler hanger and install mufflers

- reinstall heat shields

- reinstall bumper

I do hope to write some posts along the lines of “neat stuff on the 996” and actually take pictures. I’m working on one about the AWD right now.