(If you didn’t read Lightning Lap yet, SPOILER ALERT!)

I finally got my copy of Car and Driver’s annual Lightning Lap competition! It was an awesome read, and LL is by far my favorite issue of the year.


A couple things I noticed:

- Holy crap the Z06 is fast. Like, 1.5 seconds off a Porsche 918 fast.

- The new Mustang was a bit disappointing. The 2.3EB was 3 seconds slower than a previous gen Mustang V6 and the GT was 3 seconds slower than an SS 1LE.

- A lot of cars came with a stick. The Z06, GTI, both Mustangs, and the Miata all came with an optional manual transmission.


- I bet a P1 would beat the 918 around VIR. The 650S was only 2.7 seconds off the Porsche with much less power, more weight, and worse handling.


- Econonoboxes aren’t as slow as you think. Car and Driver decided to lap a Honda Fit, and it actually ended up being relatively quick for why it is. It was the slowest car ever at Lightning Lap, but only by a few seconds.


Also, Aaron Robinson bought his wife an I-MiEV.

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