For many Opponauts who played iGP Manager, the single largest challenge was necessity of a desktop or laptop PC to enjoy the game to its fullest. Spotlight, the mobile app for iGP. Now, anywhere you can go, iGP Manager can too, whether it be a phone or tablet.

A lot has changed since Opponauts began playing iGP Manager in August 2014. We don’t have time to be at a PC to manage a race anymore. In response, the game’s tiny team of developers (three, then five a few months ago) streamlined the game massively.

It certainly took a while for this day to come. There’re a couple issues with the app, but are being rounded up to play nice in subsequent app updates. Just search for iGP Manager on the Play store or App store and create a new account. Explore the game and join the Oppositelock Racing League! If you’re unable to join the league, comment below and I’ll make room.

The game is still accessible on PCs! It won’t look any different between mobile devices and PCs, with the exception of tablets utilizing a landscape layout when playing.


We race every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 10PM Eastern/9PM Central. Race lengths are 50% of the full race length, or half the laps of a typical race.


Several heads up and recommendations:

- Qualifying begins 10 minutes prior to race start. It runs privately and can’t be controlled, except via your choice of tyre for the first stint.
- Practice laps are available until 10 minutes prior to race start. These should be performed as close to the deadline/qualifying lock as possible.
- It’s very easy to squander your money at the beginning of the game! Be mindful of your spending.


I will add new tips and recommendations as necessary. If you have any questions, just comment here or in the comments section of the league in-game.

(ignore the money count and amount of tokens in the screenshots)