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It's hot but we still run autocross...

After getting my car back from the head gasket replacement I’ve managed two autocross events so far this month.

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Since I live in the Austin area, I usually run with both the Austin and San Antonio autocross clubs, but I have friends who run with one of the clubs in the DFW area. I went to the August 4th event with Equipe Rapide (

I didn’t do as well as I would have liked, but it was the first event I hit up after getting the car back from the shop, so I’ll take just participating as a win.


After leaving the venue I gasses the car up at a local Racetrack station. Once I hit the highway I noticed some negative ignition corrections on my Cobb Access Port along with a slip in gas quality. Yes I monitor this stuff... It took a week to get the bad gas out of the tank.

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