Over the past two days tremendous strides have been made with "Old Blue," the blue 6.9. Yesterday I worked alone removing all the bits that were connected to the engine. That meant removal of the radiator, oil cooler, fan, fan shroud, and countless hoses. Many of the hoses that had to be removed were integral parts in the engines dry sump oil system, a very unique feature to this engine.

The next day we had the monumental task of remove the engine and transmission, both are tremendous pieces of hardware. First off we began by removing the transmission and engine mounts. We ran into a small problem with removing the small shock absorbers that dampen the engines vibration, it was mediated with the use of a blow torch. After the mounts were gone the engine and transmission were just sitting in the bay waiting to be pulled, and that's what we did next. Yanking the engine was quite the job in itself, just working the mass around the bay was near impossible.

Engine on its way out.


Engine completely out, here you can really see the size...

The engine cleaned up very well and upon further inspection we found out that the engine was not the original engine in the car but rather a new engine, from Mercedes-Benz itself. This turned out to be a surprise to me, I know the previous owner had a new block but I did not know the engine was brand new. Let the picture do the talking because under the valve covers is nothing short of beautiful!


Here's a link to view all the pictures.