Now of course it’s just a Nissan and it’s not midengined and it’s not even a boxer engine, but hear me out. The Nissan 370z (2015, manual) that I rented from Turo this past weekend really felt similar to the Porsche Cayman (2009, manual) that I rented last year.

I didn’t get to a race track in either car and really only drove one curvy road (Mulholland Highway) so I didn’t push the limits a whole lot on either. But both had crummy tires and I did do the same exact route so they are at least comparable. Was the Porsche better in almost every way? Yes. But the Nissan really invoked the same sort of fun and 2 seater sports car entertainment. Of course it is also a bunch cheaper!

Sorry, I took no good photos

Although this particular example had some questionable choices like mismatched tires, ricey wheels, and two tone paint job with a spray can. But the aftermarket shifter was pretty good and otherwise it was stock. So it was pretty fun and fast. Not nearly as precise as the Cayman but it had a similar feel and power level.


Overall, a great experience. Certainly different from my Miata which is nice. A couple times I was going about 85-90 without realizing it so I could see how people get into trouble with higher power cars. Anyways, this further cemented the idea that I want a Cayman some day. And that I could probably settle for a 370z if budget required me to.