its like one them NAYSCUR modifieds

Fenders are overrated.

So is wiring. So I removed that too.




Only the HVAC wiring remains in the engine compartment, which will be pulled soon with the housing along with the rest of the dash wiring.


Sadly my plans to use the passenger side inner fender went out the window. It had hidden rust. So not much was saved for my TA on this go-round.


While I was down there one of my wood blocks holding up the rear suspension fell out, and when trying to secure it back under the axle (to keep the rear suspension from compressing) I realized WHY, even with support at all four corners of the body/subframe why it was still bouncy and saggy at the front:


The passenger firewall to subframe mount has rusted free of its moorings. So while I have the subframe supported, and the body, they are able to move independently of each other based on how I have the rear of the car supported. Which is MUCH better now. No more bounce.

But with the front end sheetmetal all removed, it also means I am pretty close to removing the subframe/engine/trans/etc from the body. 


Should be fun.

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