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It's Minivan time!!! A very unoppo purchase ahead.

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Save your breath wangon and suv people we are getting a new minivan and we’ve decided the Honda will be the one. 2019 EX-L navigation rear entertainment package. I really like it. Wish the Pacifica’s weren’t a pos because I could get a ton more features for the money but we had one break down on a 2 mile test drive.. Toyota is reliable but the platform feels every bit of 10 years old even brand new (I already own a 10 year old van so no thanks). Kia was a no from the start because we just don’t like it and there was really no savings over it’s competition. I know it’s very unoppo but we need the space and love minivans so wagons and suv’s are a no go. Rip stow n go 4.0 beast you had a good run.


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