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It's my birthday...

...and everything sucks. Well, not everything.

Long story short:
- My Audi broke down a few weeks ago - Bad
- Got my Bel Air - Good
- Bought a rust bucket 505 - Bad
- Busted my Pajero’s gearbox - Really bad
- Will probably have to quit my job (unrelated)- whatever, my gearbox!

First. My Audi started shaking while idling a few weeks ago. My dad tried to diagnose it, didn’t find out what the problem was, preferred to bring it to a former Audi tech that has his own business now. He was recommended to us, I should get some answers this evening, but it’s probably a faulty injector.


Second. My Bel Air was delivered. everything went fine, and I even got some papers that might speed up the registration process, so that’s great.

Third. I then took of with a friend of mine and my dog in the Pajero to go get the 505. When we arrived there, the 505 turned out to be a rust bucket. I had already bought it, and it was still a V6, so on to loading the car onto the trailer.
The front spoiler was too low to drive it up the right way, so I put it on the trailer backwards, strapped it on, and drove home. Whilst unstrapping the 505 at home, I notice a puddle on the trailer: I had broken the rusty brake line while strapping it to the trailer. F*ck.

Forth. On the Autobahn, with the 505 on the trailer, the engine suddenly reved up and I lost speed. I thought it had jumped out of gear, as a previous Pajero did sometimes, which would have been bad enough. No, the gear was still in, it was just missing. So I switch to 4th and decide to limp home, since I’m still 1,5 hours away from home. Later on the road, I find out that the second gear won’t go in, so no stopping. I have 2 gears left: 3rd and 4th. I manage to drive it home, avoiding all stop signs and trafic lights. I have to stop on the street in front of my house, I manage to put the 1st in with some wiggling and drive it to the backyard. I made it.

Fifth. I currently work for an automotive supplier as an engineering consultant. I have been for over a year now. They won’t renew my contract, but offered me to work for them directly (for the third time). Since I have a 2h commute and don’t want to move, I relied on my consulting company to find a mission that’s closer to where I live. I was wrong. They want to send me to a potential client 4,5h away from where I live. I told them I’m not interested, they scheduled an interview tomorrow anyway. So tomorrow I’ll have a 4,5h drive with a manager I can’t stand to and back from an interview for a job I don’t want. I don’t know exactly what happens if I refuse to go there, but I might have to quit.


Stanced W114 for your time (would be a bristol 411 if I was American)

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