Two days off, 1,800 miles from family and no invitations for Christmas day. It was payday the other day so I’m flush with cash, so maybe I’ll get some software and parts (brakes for the Mazda, boards for the cheap TV, and some stuff on Steam).

I’ve got all sorts of grand plans for the weekend but I am exhausted. I’ve tried to get myself energized with 200mg of caffeine, but that’s not doing much of anything. I did go to a favorite Vietnamese place for a rather large dinner (spring rolls, bahn mi and pork on cracked rice), so maybe that’s why I’m tired.

I guess I can’t fight it. I’d almost rather be at work tomorrow, letting those with families be at home on Christmas, but these are my only two days off with a 10-day stretch at work coming up, so I’ll take the time away and savor it. I do have to call in and get my schedule changed because I refuse to work 1800-0300 on Friday and then be back 4 hours later at 0700 for another shift. This week I did one of those 1800/0300 shifts, with the next few days ramping me back to 0700/1600, meaning I usually had 10-12 hours off before I had to be back. Maybe that’s why I’m a little sleepy.


The caterers brought the food for tomorrow too early so I has to empty the fridge and stack as much of it into the fridge as possible. I surprised everyone by getting 5.5 of the 8 boxes into just one refrigerator, calling up skills learned as a bag smasher at the airport years ago. I should have taken a picture as it was a work of art. Being a Tetris junkie probably helped in this task as well.


We’ll see what happens. It’ll probably be like yesterday where I crawled into a warm bed too early and, well, didn’t leave. But this time I’ll properly position my glasses so I don’t have to spend several panicky minutes searching for them like I did this morning; it sucks to be this nearsighted. My eyesight may have killed my career in aviation, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let it ruin anything else.

Goodnight Oppo, and merry Christmas...