So, I turned up her favorite singer’s greatest hits album and drove out for a visit.

Mom was a special lady. She drove a stick shift better than any man I know. In fact, her first car was a red mid-60s Beetle. My grandad sold it and she was so upset, he gave her a 455 Trans Am (he owned a used car lot and family got to drive whatever cars he was having trouble selling). She then whooped countless country boys in backroads drag races.

Once, the battery was dead in her Chevy Corsica (LT model loaded to the max - her heavy foot made that 3.1 V6 work hard every day). So, in her heels and skirt, she loaded me up in my stepdad’s Chevy dually 454 and took off to work. Heel-toe shifting with her heels still on. I’ll never forget that!


Happy Birthday, mom. I hope you’d like my new car. It reminds me of your taste in cars, in a way. :)