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It's National Calzones Day

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So I was having a short discussion with CalzoneGolem and it got me thinking: there's no National/Intn'l Calzone day. Well, owing to its different meanings, it will probably never be recognized with a holiday. We English speakers believe it's a delicious folded and baked pocket of bread, stuffed with tomato sauce, cheese and meat (calzone)—many Spanish speakers would snicker as you refer to underwear (calzones). How such disparate meanings came to be ascribed to the same word, well, who cares?

I present to you (in nine pictures) the awesomeness that is Josephine Witt, political activist, in action at a meeting of the Central European Bank. Don't mention her looks, what she wears, or anything about her being charming, hilarious—and dammit, do not say she's attractive because that would be sexist. And these are the new rules. Just know that she is a rebel, and we Americans love her because we don't get much rebellion these days.


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