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It's new shoes day!

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I’ve never been this excited about shoes before so I had to share.

My brother is an avid runner. We stumbled into a conversation about shoes the other day and he recommended I look at Merrell Trail Glove 5 shoes due to my complaints about how I can never find running shoes that fit my feet.


I have a very wide toe section of my foot (advantageous when I was a competitive swimmer but bad for fitting in shoes) but normal middle and heel so wide sizes don’t work. The way almost all shoes come to a point crushes my outside toes. This has generally forced me into buying things a half size larger than I need to get more toe room. But that’s not ideal as just like with wide sizes the rest of my foot is then swimming in the oversize fit.

These things however are a miracle. The toe box is significantly wider than a standard runner, I was able to buy them in my real size so they hug my heel perfectly but I’ve got enough room up top to wiggle my toes. The only thing that compares in comfort is a pair of Teva sandals.


I’d never even heard of Merrell before, but now they’re my favorite shoe company. Hopefully they make good driving boots. I’ll find that out Sunday.

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