It's nice when non-car people value the buying advice of a gearhead

Almost two years ago, my grandmother’s search for a new car ended abruptly when I sent her a link to a 2014 Cadillac ATS 2.0T Performance for sale locally. Next to all of the traditional grandmother-y choices she was considering, this ATS seemed like too much of a young hooligan’s hotrod, the sort of thing the average Jalopnik commenter might suggest for an old lady in the same way they might suggest a Miata as a family hauler. Amazingly, my grandmother loved the car so much that she bought the car less that 12 hours after I first sent her the link. Two years on, she is still in love with it. She told me last week that, in more than 50 years of driving, this is the first car she’s ever owned that she actually looks forward to driving every day. She loves the acceleration, the steering, the braking, and even the very bouncy sporty ride. For the first time, she is actively protective of the car; no food inside, no parking too close to other cars, and I’m one of the only people allowed to drive it (not even my grandfather gets to). I guess it’s never too late to convert someone into a gearhead.


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