It's no long bed...

...but it’ll do.


‘08 Tundra that my cousin bought last week, and then I drove it for 400 out of 500 miles on the trip home. With both of those bikes in the bed and the two of us (both over 200 lbs) in the cab, we were likely just over the 6900 lb GVWR.

Most of the trip we got about 14.5 mpg, but on the last 100 mile leg, I hypermiled it to see what we could squeeze out of the 2UZ-FE.

17.5 MPG!

Don’t let the curved styling fool you, this truck is huge. Those are 20" wheels and they look almost small.


And the 6'7" bed, while not long enough to accommodate two motorcycles with the tailgate up, will contain one when parked diagonally:


But the best part?


An undercarriage clean enough to eat off of. Southern trucks ftw.

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