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Let me walk you through our license plate system.

Here is where you land, and it’s the first search result if you look for “maine license plates” on your Googolplex9999.

If you don’t see an issue right away, you may have never left the 2000s - see a doctor if symptoms persist. Regardless, this website was made in 2006, and has basically only been changed to get it functional on modern web browsers.


Okay, let’s continue on the adventure by submitting a request to see if we have a passenger plate available...


Oh hey, that’s new, a reCaptcha. They used to not have this. I guess someone made enough requests to their portal to see if something was available that they thought there was a bot responsible for it. Do they care enough? (No.)

Let’s see if this Oppo plate is available...


Oh hey, it is. Cool. Any Maine oppos wanna snag this?

Also, while I was messing around with this, I found out that the system encodes the text for the license plate in plain text, so you can turn the Oppo plate into something quite rude by simply replacing what comes after the PLATE_NUMBER= field.


edit: buffer image

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