It's Not About What You Drive, It's How Mint You Keep It

As I get older I notice that a driven vehicle that is flawless is really what grabs attention, especially when the owner hasn’t restored or stored the car. I saw the cleanest mid-90s Honda Accord Sedan in the world two years ago and I still cant get it out of my head. Seeing a car in mint condition, not just excellent for its age but flawless by all vehicular standards, just...I dont know. Feels right.


I like to look at old pictures of cars that have lost their charm due to only seeing dirty versions all over the street. The “300N” looks great, and Im ashamed for forgetting that. Ralph Gilles is freaking badass by the way, we need an AMA with him!

Even those old Cloudy-named Dodge cars and their Chrysler siblings look pretty damn good.

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