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It's Not Aliens

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Just a Cat 822D feller-buncher coming through for more blood trees.

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Ironically, one of our neighbors who threatened at first to move, when the logging started, has now hired the guys “because the equipment is already here” to do a ton of cutting on their property as well. We allowed them access across our land to haul the trees out, and (by my request) they’re taking almost no trees of ours, but a few pesky Poplars (the yellowest ones above).

Logging is loud, messy, disruptive, and destructive, even with a good crew like this one. I’m ready for them to be all done. And now there’s a chance we’ll end up with the 6.5 acres next to us, half of which has now been clear-cut but hey, open space. Put up a barn with solar, put the rest in conservation, we could actually see a tax decrease of $1,000/yr by buying this property and conserving it. We’ll see.  

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