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monkee’s tyre and glacially slow custom work shop opening soon!

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we got the RuqSaq’s original 13s (it’s on its winter 14s at the moment), the RuqSaq’s later to be used 16s, the Corolla’s summer tyres in bags (on the fabric scavenged integra seat with the dyed integra floor mats on top), my summer tyres for the mt bike on the wall, and now the CR-V’s old wheels and basically bald tyres added to the mix

worth it though, look how much better this is!


but, dilemma... the new alloy wheels dont have TPMS sensors, so I’ll have to pay a damned tyre shop (just another gubment conspiracy to get my money from taxes or capitalism) to unmount all 8 tyres (recycle the bald ones), swap over the TPMS sensor, and remount the good tyres. but you KNOW they’ll declared my good tyres are at 6/23552342nds and needed to be 6.233/23552342nds for them to morally be able to remount them (a statement they will only make after unmounting them) and will demand $$$$ for new tyres!!!!


p.s. when we bought the CR-V we got substantial savings because the wife simply doesn’t care about the wheels. We actually looked at two cars side by side in the lot and she could not have cared less that they had different wheels. Tonight as she came home and I was mounting the new ones I had to show her a picture of the old ones for her to know the difference. non-car people are strange :P

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