What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?



yeah, you!

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Seeing as you’ve all been here with the Miata since day one, I figured I should let you know I’m selling it off. Bittersweet, but it’s time for a change. I think I mentioned earlier that I posted a super quick ad a month ago asking $7k, and got overloaded with interested parties. I promptly deleted the ad, then flew off to Asia, determined to relist the car at a more market-appropriate price later on.

Later on is apparently today, as I find myself sitting in front of a laptop writing up a real ad. I’m hoping to sell ASAP (before I change my mind), and as such have priced it a fair deal lower than similar builds tend to sell for on the forums. Oh, speaking of which... while I will be posting to Craigslist, I expect this to sell to a Miata initiate through Miataturbo.net, Miata.net, Clubroadster, etc. That said if you know anyone who wants a Miata that has proven it’s unkillabaility (that’s a word), a Miata that has been lovingly upgraded with some of the absolute highest quality parts that are available, A Miata that will bring fear into the hearts of sports cars retailing for 10x as much (at least in the corners) well... A friends of Oppo discount will apply.


Question. For the craigslist listing, should I include pricing for the individual parts? I’m definitely not doing that on the forums as the prospective buyers will be familiar with everything I’ve installed, but I’m going back and forth over whether to include that for Craigslist.

anyways.... here’s the rough draft. I’ll finish it up after detailing the car. I’m guessing that will take most of the day, as I haven’t clay-barred in a while...


It’s time to say goodbye to my Miata. It is a 1995 NA with power locks, power windows and power antenna. I’ve been the owner for five years, and in that time it has never let me down, or left me stranded. I’ve maintained the car religiously, and spared no expense in upgrading parts as needed. This was not a track car, although it would certainly be a good one. Well over $20,000 spent in parts alone, so if you’re looking to build a high-performance Miata why not save some serious money and start with this one?


Asking $8500

I have receipts for 99% of the parts bought, and for the work that was done. I’ve also made wiring diagrams for the electrical work I’ve personally done to make it easier for any future owners or shops. This car has passed emissions every time without missing a beat. Engine was fully rebuilt 40k miles ago, and runs strong. I have a massive bin of both OEM and new aftermarket parts that can potentially be included with the sale as well.


Feel free to contact me with absolutely any questions.

Recent Maintenance

Air filter replaced 6/1

Windshield replaced 6/3

Accessory belts replaced 7/23

Battery replaced 8/1

Oil changed (Mobil 1 0W-40 full synthetic) 8/29

Transmission fluid/shifter oil changed (Ford Motorcraft 75W-90 GL-4) 8/29

Coolant flush 8/29


Xida Gen 2 Race coilovers with dual springs, 700/400 front/rear

OEM NB upper mounts

Racing Beat tubular front sway bar

Supermiata 3 position 14mm rear sway bar

Supermiata adjustable endlinks

New urethane bushings

949 Racing 6ul’s Nickel, 15x8 with matching lugnuts and tire valves

General Altimax Arctic 195/60r15

FM Little Big Brake Kit

Wilwood Powerlite Calipers on all four corners, red

10” slotted disks on all four corners

Wilwood Polymatrix E brake pads (BP-10)

Stainless steel brake lines

Proportioning valve

Upgraded parking brake

Redline RL-600 brake fluid


Fujitsubo Exhaust (RM-01A)

Flyin’ Miata catalytic converter

SuperMiata urethane hangers


Supermiata crossflow radiator

Supermiata Qmax cooling reroute kit

Aluminum coolant overflow tank

Flyin’ Miata hose splicer with sensor port

LRB Speed full aluminum undertray. Completely boxes in the radiator


Miata Roadster short shifter kit. Bootless, non-tapered, black

Sound System

Retrosound Longbeach headunit

Custom fitted passenger footwell subwoofer box

Rockford Fosgate P154-8 punch subwoofer

Polk DB+ DB6502 6-½” component speakers

Kenwood KAC-M3004 amplifier

Double layer sound deadening throughout

Custom old-school Miata logo speaker grills


Longacre Accutech SMI coolant temp gauge

Longacre Accutech SMI oil pressure gauge

Voltage gauge

iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Charging phone mount

Momo Mod 80 steering wheel

Sparco steering wheel

NRG low-pro quick release setup

Custom made wood/epoxy shift knobs x2 (still have OEM as well)

RevLimiter gauge faces (2 sets. “Fallen” and a custom design. Still have OEM as well)


Carbon Miata black brushed aluminum door panels

Driver side - Garage Star seat rails

Passenger side - Garage Star seat rails

Driver side - Bride VIOS III seat, red. Authentic, with all documentation

Passenger side - Knockoff Bride seat, black.

Driver side - Schroth Profi II ASM FE 4-point harness

Driver side - Schroth sub strap installed (you can switch between 4 and 6-point as desired)


Carbon Miata luxury floor mats

Blackbird Fabworx NB GT3 rollbar, pearl gunmetal grey. Fits all OEM tops. Built-in harness bar



Robbins vinyl non-zip glass defrost soft top

GE Nighthawk LED 7” round headlamps

Singular Motorsports hood louvers

Raceland luggage rack


One headlight motor has recently started to act a bit finicky. I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet, and have kept the headlights in the up position.


Driver’s side front fender has some chipped paint. I set rebound and compression too low initially after swapping on bigger winter tires, and the tire made contact with the lip of the fender when going over a large bump.

Paint looks great at 10ft, but this is a 25 year old and certainly isn’t showroom fresh, cosmetically.


Odometer stopped working at 190k miles. I swapped in a new cluster with 230k miles, and… that one stopped working after a few thousand miles. Unsure of actual mileage, but likely around 255k based on some napkin math.

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