From this nice Allroad buyer’s guide:

I was leaving home yesterday to run some errands and offered to take the dog as he loves to go for rides in the car. he got excited, and was bounding all over waiting to get in. When I opened the rear lift gate he went to jump in. In his excitement he didn’t jump far enough and his right front paw landed on the spot where the door latches. in that spot there is a piece of Aluminum trim held up by a spring. His paw hit that spot and got wedged in between the 2 pieces of aluminum. they are both sharp and cut his toe VERY deep. The dog was bleeding all over, and couldn’t get free. I had to essentially rip his toe free an awful experience.

I raced him to the vet (nearby luckily). Unfortunately he has been there ever since. He had to have emergency surgery yesterday afternoon to have that toe amputated. That is much to high a price to pay for an accident when loading in the car.

Good God. Poor dog...