Its official. The CBF has replaced the BMW


Took her out for her first proper ride in a long time
The bike had 2680KM when i bought. Under 3K km on a 2008 bike.

Since I bought it, I replaced the fuel pump, spooned on a lightly used set of Diablo Rosso 3s (bike had the ORIGINALLY 2008 factory tires on it. sheesh) and changed the oil.

Rode it to work today, after gettting all of the insurance and registration bullshit done.

oh my sqeet jesus this motor is the smoothest 4 banger on the planet. I stopped at a light and had to actually look down to make sure the bike was on.

also, it sits at 130 just as happy as it will sit at 40, 60, or 90km/h. its effortless and smooth and jesus christ why did I give my dad this bike?! I should have kept it...

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