Now 38" wide if I remember correctly

With no projects, boredoms been setting in. Made an engine stand using 1" square tube and scraps today then set to work finishing mounting the turbos.

No doubt the flow characteristics are cherry

The stock manifolds are not a brilliant design but,”use what you got” is the theme here. They were flipped upside down then cut back as far as possible, they open up into 2.25 at the flange but further back is closer to 2" or less. The t3 turbo flange was already welded to 2.5" tube from a previous project so after quite a bit of,shaping”(hammering in a vice) they fit together.

The extra bands are strips of sc400 subframe that got notched out long ago

The engine stand was not thought out much until hitting the chop saw, this is evidenced in the afterthought triangulation with scrap metal. It’s a tad wobbly but should be good to start this engine up and see if it runs, itll be a good project to make wiring harness again knowing everything learned from the first debacle with the sc400. Except this time the megasquirt is setup and tuned to run this motor.

Mounted as close as possible, the powersteering although not pictured still fits too

Although this is mostly to keep busy it will hopefully be a part of the lotus 7 project if I ever start. The lotus chassis sits about 14" high so the turbos would be able to hang outside it.

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