It's okay to put Ultra-High Performance All-Seasons on a minivan, right?

RIGHT?! I mean, the tire is the only thing connecting my car to the road. Why the hell not?

This morning in my 2014 Mazda5, I failed to avoid a piece of concrete debris in the road this morning and it blew out both tires on my driver side (significant chunk - at least it didn’t do any body or suspension damage). My tires were already about 2/3 worn, they were Continental PureContact with ECOSPORT technology. I liked them, they were great grand touring tires.


But for basically the same price, I opted for the Contental EXTREMECONTACT DWS 06 tires. Only discernible different was the tread rating fell from 700 on the PureContacts to 560 on the ExtremeContacts.

This is all fine, right? RIGHT!?!

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